Summit, New Jersey Offers Residents Quaint, Small Town Living With Plenty to Do

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Today’s video was recorded as I stood among the trees and cool breeze of the Summit Arboretum. If you look around, you will see plenty of locals enjoying the gardens, having picnics, spending a gorgeous day outside.

Nestled comfortably as a transportation hub that accesses all areas in the region through trains, Summit is one of the area's most sought after commuting towns. Gone are the days of living exclusively in the cramped quarters of a city – especially for families. Consider the schools system in Summit – this school district has consistently been voted among the best schools systems in the entire state of New Jersey!

There is plenty to keep you busy in Summit too – whether that means visiting the many restaurants, enjoying the pleasant weather in the backdrop of some amazing parks and recreational facilities or experiencing the history and charm of a colonial town.

For residents that like to live in a relatively quiet community while still living the hustle and bustle of city life there is easy access to other cities via the MidTOWN DIRECT train line – getting you to Penn Station is under 40 minutes.

You will love the people, places and things to do here. If you are exploring places to move to and New Jersey in on the map – contact me today! I’d love to show you all the places I love around town in Summit! Call me at 973.214.0691 today.

Top Rated Schools In Millburn-Short Hills New Jersey Contributing Factor in Its Desirable Real Estate Location

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What are the things that make your list of important reasons to move to a certain locale?  Is it the type of people that live there?  Is it something more personal like the number of family or friends in the area? Are area shopping centers and other attractions desirable? Or is the integrity of the school system an important deciding factor?

As your trusted real estate advisor, I can tell you that one of the top reasons many buyers choose a particular vicinity is the quality of school system in the area. And when it comes to this, the Millburn-Short Hills area is top rated and second to none. In fact, rated the number 1 high school in the entire state of New Jersey by the New Jersey Monthly Magazine, residents are consistently proud to call out this distinction year after year.

The structure of the Millburn Township Public Schools is tiered with all schools leading to the renowned high school. This excellent district’s middle school houses all children that have come up from the five area elementary schools (two in Millburn and three in Short Hills).

I invite you to visit my website and see the area where I have included links to all the school websites (among other useful links) for your convenience. You can also click the school district’s site above in this article.

Our area is not limited to just the Millburn school system – in fact, there are many locales where you can ensure top rated, quality education for your children. To find out more about those, or the ones I have discussed in this article – contact me at my direct number 973.214.0691. And as always if you decide you would like to pursue purchasing a property in the area or if it is time to list your home on the market, I welcome your call and look forward to serving you!