Innovative, High-Tech Music Systems That No Homeowner of the 21st Century Can Live Without

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What home would be complete without the surround sound of pristine quality music? Even if you’re not a music enthusiast, the moment you hear the notes vibrating through the air you are instantly transformed to another place.

Today, I wanted to share with you an amazing company that has been around for a long time now and continues to provide the utmost of quality service and products. We meet Ralph Tarnofsky of Professional Audio Consultants and he shares with us some of the most innovative products out on the market today.

As a new homeowner or even an existing one, there are some great things the company can do, ranging from assisting with existing music, audio and such systems to helping to install new systems. It can be anywhere from a simple set-up to as complex as you need.

Serving the Millburn and Short Hills area plus surrounding communities, some of the things PAC provides include home entertainment and electrical systems that can be remotely controlled from your smart devices. Lights, music, HVAC and other systems can be seamlessly integrated and controlled with ease from afar. Home theatres, unique music and media systems such as state-of-the-art wireless controlled music libraries that are accessible through your existing music network are just a few of the things PAC offers.

If you are in the process of moving, they also come out to your place and help to de-install, store and then redeliver and reinstall your complete home music and entertainment system. This is an ideal undertaking particularly during renovations as the walls and other building components are open and exposed, allowing added flexibility.

Some new products that are very popular are the Sonos system, which wirelessly gives you access to all Internet and iTunes based music systems plus Sirius, Pandora, Rhapsody and more. The new mirror TV is futuristic yet very much available today. You can set up a mirror that actually turns into a TV with the push of a button; ideal for bedrooms, bathrooms, rec rooms, even offices – the possibilities are endless!

You HAVE to check out this company! Push button, turnkey music, entertainment and convenience that you will realize you never could live without in the first place. Contact Ralph and his team. Visit their website at Check out their showroom: 182 Essex St. in Millburn. You will NOT regret it!

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