Downsizing to Condos Offers Much Relief to Longtime Homeowners and Renters

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When you think of downsizing from your home, usually the word “condo” comes to mind. The switch is an ideal one for people from many walks of life, whether a young professional looking for the amenities you get with a condo or an older couple wanting to slow down on maintenance.

What makes a condo so attractive in the downsizing process?

Live More, Work Less
The number one most popular reason for many condo buyers is that owners no longer have the need to worry about maintenance. Most condo associations include lawn and garden upkeep plus snow and trash removal. Gone are the days of needing to  water your lawn, shovel the driveway or deal with some utility companies month after month.

Resort-Like Amenities
Unlike single-family homes, condo associations often come with some amazing amenities. Pools, hot tubs, club houses, fitness centers and other features depending on the association – are just a few of the perks condo owners get to enjoy. Your Realtor® will help you choose an association that meets all your needs, including finding one with association fees that work with your budget.

Convenience and Ease
Oftentimes people that sell their larger homes and choose to go to smaller condos do so for the ease and convenience as they get older. Single floor and apartment-like living is an added benefit of the condo lifestyle, a choice many people make as they moving to the next stage in their lives.

Added Insurance Coverage
Since the association has a master insurance coverage that typically includes exterior surfaces of the home, condo owners enjoy some perks when it comes to home insurance premiums. The association is also under pressure to maintain the exterior for consistency almost guaranteeing a home that is kept up.

New or Newer Construction Available
There are a lot of new or newer condos that have built in the recent past, allowing buyers to enjoy the amenities and finish that comes with newly built homes. Depending on price range and specific condo association, some units are not small at all and they are decked out with all the bells and whistles you may have wanted in a single-family home!


We are seeing a lot of condo sales moving and the price range varies widely, anywhere from $300,000 to as high as $1.5M on average.

The process of making a decision to downsize, then getting rid of years worth of belongings to move to a smaller place can be overwhelming. Having a professional by your side will help you to organize the process as well as assist you to get through some of the hurdles that come with such a big lifestyle change.

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