The Craze For New Construction

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When you consider moving to this area you will notice that many people tend to gravitate toward new construction homes. There are several reasons for that. It’s safe to say that most people love new and shiny things – and when buying a home it’s no different. But aside from that, quality brand new homes are constructed with the latest trends in mind. They are built to code, sometimes using state-of-the-art features and materials and often have high trending features that buyers today want.

Depending on when you get in on the process of buying a brand new home, there is the added benefit of being able to customize homes to suit them to one’s specific needs. The luxury features that come with new construction are exactly what buyers are often seeking and no matter how updated a resale home is sometimes it’s just not enough.

Currently in our marketplace we have homes that are completely move-in ready, some are waiting for your input on things like counters, floors, and other finishes and still more homes are so early on in the process that you can completely customize them.

New homes are a little harder to come by – there is not always enough land in the areas that people want new homes in so unless builders come in and tear down existing homes sometimes finding the perfect combination is a stretch. Most of these homes in our area start at around $2M; if you’d like to see one of my listings or any other on the market right now – call me today!

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